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Internet Small Computer Systems Interface is great tool if your NAS supports it. Particularly for video games and high end software, a basic network share is not sufficient. iSCSI lets you serve up a part of a NAS drive at "block level" directly to another computer which can act like a local disk drive.

  1. Open iSCSI manager in Synology
  2. Create a LUN (Logical unit number)
  3. On Windows, open "iSCSI Initiator" under Administrative Tools
  4. Type the IP address of your NAS
  5. The LUN should be found automatically. Connect to it.
  6. Now open Disk Management (search for "Create and format hard disk partitions" in the start menu)
  7. You should see your unformatted disk. Format it and assign a drive letter. Done! Windows will handle connecting to it for you.

I've tested and use this for my Steam library and games, which I don't need when my laptop is not home anyway. Ethernet or high end WiFi is probably necessary.


My 'local' disks on a laptop with only 250GB SSD storage.

My PC screenshot.png

Here's how they look. A: has my steam library and games