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I was experimenting on using Flow for discussion pages. I don't like it much.

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type IV (EDS IV) is caused by mutation within the COL3A1 gene, resulting in the disorder of type III procollagen. The diagnosis is confirmed by demonstrating the synthesis of abnormal type III procollagen molecules from cultured dermal fibroblasts or by identifying the mutation in the COL3A1 gene. The authors report a case of EDS IV caused by a novel point mutation in the COL3A1 gene in a 16-yr-old female. Recurrent haemoptysis and cavitary formation of the lung were evidence of pulmonary involvement. However, extrathoracic manifestations of EDS IV were mostly absent. To the best of the authors' knowledge, all previously reported Ehlers-Danlos syndrome IV patients with respiratory disease had the characteristic findings or histories of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome IV. In the present case, connective tissue friability was suspected due to tissue laceration observed in the biopsied lung specimen, and the diagnosis was made beginning from this pivotal finding. (talkcontribsblock)

Superior surface- peritoneal Base: upper part peritoneal Other : non peritoneal Neck is encircled by prostate.

Bladder- Male Urachus Superior surface

Peritoneum Inferolateral surface Urethra


Prostate gland

lymphangiectasia of the duodenum, pale yellow to tan flat lesion submucosal appearing, white speckled appearance, not firm at all The lesion is raised and keratinaceous


Parsoid curl error 28 One comment • 21 days ago Summary by Jesse

MediaWiki, VisualEditor, and Parsoid all fixed by added my local DNS server's address to my synology station in the DSM. Jesse (talkcontribsblock)

VisualEditor Error (curl error: 28) would occur when I first installed this wiki in September 2020.

The cause was finally found this morning. After using CURL in ssh for any of my links, I realized of course Parsoid is timing out, it doesn't know how to resolve

The DNS server that my mediawiki was using kept trying to access itself externally. Changing my DNS to point to my local DNS server for local IP addresses resolved this issue.

While troubleshooting this whole ordeal or hours, I also learned how to edit nginx and apache server settings on Synology, which may be useful in the future.

Among the salivary glands, only the parotid glands have their own internal lymph nodes due to the late encapsulation of the parotids during embryologic development.


what’s uo--Jesse (talk) 22:11, 30 November 2020 (EST)

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  1. Check if previous page exists before creating a new one
  2. Try to consolidate (add a header and section on an existing page instead of creating a new one)
  3. Try to define workflows, simplify
  4. backup!


Duplex kidney

Non-anatomic liver