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Health Level 7, set of international standards

Old version 2.x (non-XML):

MSH header segment

PID Patient identity

PV1 patient visit information

Tilde ~ default repetition separator

Caret ^ component separator

Pipe | field separator

Ampersand & for subcomponent separator

ADT A01 message type and triggerm used when a patient is admitted

ADT A02 when patient is changing location

The new patient location should appear in PV1-3 - Assigned Patient Location while the old patient location should appear in PV1-6 - Prior Patient Location. For example, an A02 event can be used to notify: laboratory, radiology, pathology that the patient has changed location and test results should be redirected; pharmacy that drugs should be redirected for the patient; dietary that the meals should be delivered to a different location; the clinical repository that a transfer has taken place for the Electronic Medical Record

Use ADT A09 when patient is moving to a temp location (like hallway)

ADT A08 used when patient information is changed, such as address or name change, when no other trigger is needed

ORM Order Message

OBR Lyniate Observation Request OBX Observation Result

MSH (header) contains the type and trigger information

ACK is the expected response after system receives an HL7 message (as opposed to NACK?)