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Add or Update Physician-Security-LIS-TOH 23962

Use Bedrock

Auto Verification-Build and Validations-LIS-TOH 15288

criteria for each test must be clearly documented and results which have been autoverified must be traceable

LIS receiving autoverified results will have documentation showing the criteria for verification in the originating system (middleware)

Need to be validated again when there's changes to:

  • instrument software
  • assay set up
  • connectivity configuration between the LIS and analyzer
  • changes to LIS that affect auto verification

The testing script at minimum should cover a wide range of normal, abnormal results across gender and age groups. All testing must be documented (how?)


include confirmation that all results received from middleware are recorded as 'auto verified' by the LIS. The validation of the rules within the middleware are outside of the scope of this policy (which policy then?)

All techs must have the ability to turn off Auto Verification

Audit and Correct Order Errors-LIS QA Procedures-LIS-TOH 23919

More like a ToC for these procedures:

  • Patient Name, D.O.B, Location or Clinic, Physician change - Refer to Edit of Patient Information-LIS QA PROCEDURES-TOH.V2
  • Client - Refer to Edit Client Name-LIS QA PROCEDURES.TOH.V2, and
  • Combine Encounters-LIS QA PROCEDURES-TOH.V2
  • Medical Record Number - Refer to procedure Combine Person-LIS QA PROCEDURE TOH.V2
  • Incorrect test – Refer to procedure 08.P-P.SPACC.Cancel Test CM
  • Incorrect Results – Results are corrected with procedure Results Reporting-Revised Results-BIOC-TOH

Change Control-Forms-LIS-TOH 54056

Change request form

Complete in Cert (test environment) before Prod

Chart Request Maintenance-Troubleshooting-LIS-TOH 24063

Resubmitting results, i.e. Doctor copy to printer tohg_tm_m3801 (paper printer to send reports by mail?)