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From Human Anatomy & Physiology Eighth edition by Elaine N.. Marieb

Respiratory system

Nostrils, or nares (nar-eeze) for plural, naris for singular, and nasal ala (wings)

Root (or glabella, between eyebrows), nasal bridge, dorsum nasi, nasal apex, philtrum

The skin covering the nasal bridge is thin with many sebaceous glands, whereas the edges of the nose (ala) has dense fibrous tissue, the major alar cartilages.

Nasal cavity

Nasal septum, anterior

Vomer bone and ethmoid bone perpendicular plat, posterior

Posterior nasal apertures, also known as choanae (funnels), are separated by the vomer bone

Ethmoid and sphenoid bones of skull, roof of nasal cavity

Palate, nasal cavity floor

The palatine bones and processes of the maxillary bones are supported by the hard palate, which is anterior

Unsupported by the muscular soft palate

Nasal vestibule, hair and sweat glands

The remaining nasal cavity has 2 types of mucous membranes, olfactory mucosa and respiratory mucosa

Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium with scattered goblet cells in lamina propria

Mucous cells make mucous, serous cells make clear fluid filled with enzymes (serous fluid)

Superior, middle, inferior nasal conchae and their nasal meatus have a scroll-like shape, which mechanically prevents particles > 6µm