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Anatomical Pathology Information System (Laboratory Information System)

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CLPPATHDB01 (Database server)

CLPPATHAPP01 (Print server)

Reports, PDFs, faxes, and printed copies

  • PDF renamer / bioPDF (for Cancer Clinic)
  • Distribution Server Admin (Print Queue)
    • electronic and physical faxes sent in batches
    • printed copies sent in batches
    • one time jobs

CLPPATHIF01 (Interface server)


ADT feeds containing patient demographics (Visit numbers) and Order feeds container order information


Material labels, messages to EPIC, Cerner (Cornwall), and Meditech (Montfort/Queensway), CCO (Cancer Care Ontario), OLIS (Ontario Laboratory Information System

FAX01 (Fax server)

LaneFax software. Message Tracker for errors. See Error legend on desktop (Image 13)


Health Level 7, set of international standards

Old version 2.x (non-XML):

MSH header segment

PID Patient identity

PV1 patient visit information

Tilde ~ default repetition separator

Caret ^ component separator

Pipe | field separator

Ampersand & for subcomponent separator

ADT-A01 message type and triggerm used when a patient is admitted

ORM Order Message

MSH (header) contains the type and trigger information

ACK is the expected response after system receives an HL7 message (as opposed to NACK?)