Lab Manual

How to check when DOB and other demographics were modified and by who


Remember to change Subdivision

How to check user's mnemonic including physician CPSO number


How to run and view Quality Indicators


Omni 35680

How to list Dictionary Changes


Choose Database LAB.CHMP

How to schedule Collection Worklist


  1. Choose Category (usually same)
  2. Accept defaults and click OK
  3. Print Destination window opens, click 'Schedule' on the right-hand side
  4. Choose mnemonic, look up isn't available (use MIS - Report Schedule Desktop in the LIS Menu, to find current ones and see naming conventions)
  5. Choose Daily
    1. Enter "MON" or other days in 3 letter format
    2. Start time i.e. 0430
    3. Start time within, set to 12 hrs
    4. Reschedule mode, set to S

Collection Batch worklists need to be scheduled/printed prior to labels being printed. Automatic printing of labels can be done in the dictionary "LIS Collection Category" on Page 2